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Chairperson: Emma Links, Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Links Wellbeing, People & Culture Professional – Project Manager, IAG 

Adapting Your Mental Health Strategy for Employees Working from Home


  • How we scaled our 5,000+ strong mental health ally network across Accenture to provide support to all of our people in a virtually friendly, making sure all are “seen, safe and connected” 
  • Drawing on our experience working remotely to virtually support our staff through varied peer support approaches
  • Building mental health resiliency in times of stress through a new training program, Thriving Mind 



  • Leading from the front to eliminate psychosocial hazards in the home workplace  
  • What supports can executives implement to help employees with pre-existing mental health conditions while they are socially isolating? 
  • What sort of strategies can front-line leaders employ to improve workplace wellbeing at home?  



  • How effectively are workplaces responding to the psychological challenges posed by COVID-19 and what can be done better?
  • Providing purpose, encouraging healthy habits, and preventing burnout
  • Working holistically across departments to reinforce the relationship between physical health and mental health



  • Unlocking resilience by building employee adaptability 
  • Recognising the importance of adaptability in dealing with change 
  • Realising how adaptability will prepare employees for greater success after this crisis 


Creating a Psychologically Safe Remote Working Environment


  • Leveraging of our existing working arrangement to support our employees to thrive
  • Providing employee supports to boost their mental health during lockdown
  • Collecting data through workplace surveys to help us refine our mental health support




  • How Safety, Employment and Workers’ Compensation law differs in the cases of remote working and stand downs – the five key impacts you need to understand
  • How does the recent NSW Court of Appeal decision of Nominal Insurer v Hall capture out of work-time risk for remote workers?
  • How can employers make sure their remote working environment is safe outside of hours?
  • Psychological safety for employees who work remotely or who are stood down and the new risks of Industrial Manslaughter



  • Exploring evidence-based approaches to identify groups or areas of increased psychosocial risk 
  • Empowering managers to support their staff via evidence-based strategies 
  • Understanding the relationship between wellbeing and psychosocial risk 
  • Applying these lessons to support the mental health of employees while working remotely 



  • What can managers do to ensure their staff are working safely and productively?
  • How can managers support employees who may be suffering from mental distress during social isolation?
  • Establishing a remote working culture of clear, compassionate, and transparent communication to protect employee mental health during times of uncertainty 



  • Sam: Prioritising employee Mental Health in the midst of significant organisational change 
  • Jade: Practical tools for navigating potential work force risks during critical incidents 





  • How do physical work environments influence cognition, emotions and performance?
  • Forming a holistic approach to self-care by viewing your physical space and mental health as interconnected 
  • Providing employees with supports and tips to help them manipulate their home working spaces in a way that boosts mental health and performance


The Mental Health Upside to Working at Home


  • Leveraging an established wellbeing framework that addresses physical, mental, emotional and purposeful wellbeing 
  • Linking your health and safety approach to technology to set yourself up for future success 
  • Ensuring your remote mental health program impacts every individual and is truly available anytime, anywhere 



  • Understanding the connection between positive employee mental health and future prosperity  
  • How to utilise this remote working landscape to your organisational benefit



  • Finding ways to respond to the challenges of working from home in a way that will benefits employee wellness into the future 
  • What technologies work and how can they be utilised to improve employee wellbeing?